Reviews for "***AHAAAHHAHHAHA***"

Here is an idea...

Try to imagine other things...like hot chick!

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Haha, actually, in episode two there will be other "characters," so hang tight for a bit.

Damn that was good

Youve got potential mann....great work,keep it up....and i hope to se a sequel soon

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Sequel soon, there will be. Should be out late this evening. (Saturday)

Good animated character

I like the opening drawing sequence. Also the character is pretty well animated. The only problem was the sound. I couldn't understand what you character wa saying at the end so I didn't get the joke, if there was one.

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Thanks! If you loved this, for SURE you will love ep. 2! I will be putting subtitles in that one, so even if you cant hear, youll still see it.


This was a good video beacuase it was very original, make more of these only longer.


that was a dumb movie, try making a better plot and adding better sound.

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Okay.... Sorru bout my mike, its just a cheapo one from best buy, and theres not supposed to be a plot, its called RANDOM FREAKING HUMOR.