Reviews for "***AHAAAHHAHHAHA***"

((( OK )))

It was ok, kinda neat with the whole paper and pencil, the audio was very hard to hear though, it was simple yet funny, hope to see more soon...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: paper and pencil, funny, needs work on audio...



I have always liked it when an author "animates with a pencil" while using Flash - or at least trying. The characters could of been better, you could of had different voices for each of the characters, and it could of not ended so abruptly.


beats my early work....

that was pretty good. i won't mention how crappy the sound is cuz i know a lot of people said that.....i heard the star wars clone things :)

Very good.

Make it longer next time, please

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Oh its gonna be longer alright. Im 34 seconds in to the next one, and im nowhere NEAR done.


That was very cool. Original idea. I really liked it. The audio, or talking or whatever was a little bad. GReat for your first movie. Excellent work though. Keep it up! Youve got potential.

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Thanks! :)