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Reviews for "___FiShJob II:...___"


well, i finished eddie, i viewed everything youve submitted in less then an hour. and yes i have said more than once that you are a ng god and id prefer not to have you as an enemy, i just have a question id like to ask you, why are tehre so many penis's in youre movies? i was jw....cuz thats kinda weird. but anyways the soundboard thing was funny as hell. and like i said before, anyone who doesnt like eddie balin's movies, stop watching them and go back to sucking youre dogs hairy dick. now sisnce its 4:40 a.m. here and the vodka and weed have both worn off, now ive got the munchies, and im going to go to sleep. peaccee


That was really stupid and by the way why do you like drawing penises so much?

eddiebalin responds:

Okay I'll explain this once and for all, but only once.

I love my penis it brings me joy. More joy than my fingers, more joys than my ears. More joy than my nose.

In fact, if given a list of appendages that I'd have to have amputated, I'd have to put my penis right and the vury bottom.

Now for a quote by a world renowned psycologist:

"The creative mind plays with the objects it loves"

Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961

just wondering

when is that anti reggie movie ready?? I really want to see it!

eddiebalin responds:

ReggiHater III: Rise of the obscenes will be submtted a week from the tuesday in the evuning on novumber 11th.

And thankshanks for the big fat 6 (sarcasm)


-But I am not a homosecsual! I ALLWAYS vote 5 on all of your movies, you are the fuinniest guy on New Grounds, and all of your flash movies are funny and totally cool. Alls I can say is please keep making great flash movies, and I will allways vote 5. You are my god, and me and my friends will build a shrine in your honour.


-NotoriusT & Paleq

eddiebalin responds:

it's pepleike you who ruin my life.

thank you vury much (sarcasm)

Im doing Reggiehaters II: Rise of the obscenes...But it HAS to be butter then anything I've evur done before lest I let the rabid (aint nothin wrong wit dat) eddie fans down.

Two more weeks

Two more weeks...

and then...and then...

well, lets let the voters decide

PS Jake 191919 can sing his ass off and demon clock plays a mean guitar, strawberry clock does a good job on backup vocals.


What is up with you, you sick pervert.

You are 33 years old and this is the ideas that come out of your head!

eddiebalin responds: