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Reviews for "___FiShJob II:...___"

A new breed of blowfish

"Fishes giving blowjobs?? What kind of mind would think of such a thing?"

Answer: One that can think outside the box.

So, I read the reviews and see that you have a fascination with penises. Well, we all have a fascination with something. If it's a bad thing, then it would be a bad thing in that the imagination is broad in a very limited construct. Meaning, letting the mind wonder, but only around one subject. Letting your creativity run amok and yet keep it on the very short leash.

However, that small area you use as your domain, you are definitely original as you can be and you get points for that. A lot of movies I've seen here can't even get original anywhere, so you're 2 steps ahead there.

By now, you're probably snoring as I've bored you to sleep.

Blowjob movies isn't something I look for, but your unique approach to it will not go without credit. Good job.

eddiebalin responds:

Q: Fishes giving blowjobs?

A: Fishjobs, ackshully.

Q: What kind of mind would think of such a thing?

A: A vury sick ans twisted one.

That was hilarious

I didnt know you were hated so much(except for those 23 people)
Even thought that was a little...gay, it was still pretty funny!

eddiebalin responds:

To know me is to hate me.


holy crap, that was funny, it was fucking disgusting. i like the way u think lol, but jeeezzz
everrryonne hates u. lol

eddiebalin responds:

I have 23 users that have me on their fav list, everyone else can kiss my ass.


the review crew must have been pretty fucked up when they picked this.

eddiebalin responds:

yur father must have been pretty fucked up when he fucked yur ugly assed mother.


awsome i luved it but i hate u

eddiebalin responds:

Did you pick the name korndude becase sometimes shit has pieces of korn in it?