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Reviews for "___FiShJob II:...___"


nuff said and wow you actually made a good one.

eddiebalin responds:

Just wait till you see:

"Adam Fulton goes to heaven...Sorta"

Coming soon!

dude...you rock

you rock so unbelievably hard, like my cock, its really hard as well, wud u lik 2 c it? cus i'd shure liek 2 c yurz

eddiebalin responds:

Whoa nellie!

Nice try.

I looked through this movie's reviews before posting, and it's obvious how this movie won Review Crew Pick.

Before this movie won the award, it had just 14 reviews. Most of which were from your mates, StrawberryCock and the like. However, this is where it gets confusing.

At first I thought 'Eddiebalin obviously put this on with about 15 minutes left on the tuesday' until I noticed the dates of the reviews. 13 of the reviews were written on September 26th, and one was written on september 27th.

However, there was not a single review after that until it won the award, 4 days afterwards on October the 1st.

My guess now is, this movie was flagged. Probably deliberately to avoid it being blammed. The award was just a bonus for you.

If that is true, that is the biggest act of cowardice ever known on NG.

eddiebalin responds:

Nice try. hahahaha yur gay and stupid. Hahaha.

I got my revews on september 26 and 27 becase fishjob was in top 50 most recent ly then it drops out of 50 most recent and nobobby revews it becase nobobby see it. hahaha!

Then at the end of the week when they tally up revew crew scores it reappears on the portal page as revew crew pick. Peple see it agan and start revewing agan.

A flagged movie never gets unflagged and returns as revew crew pick. Huh? yur so gay. How cud that be. How wud I know that if it gets 14 revews that they wud all be good? Everybobby has a chance to revew it when it hits the portal. You make up such gay storys to try to explain yur jelous gayness.

I dont even want any gay newsground awards or high scores anyway. Anyone who isnt gay like you knows that about eddie. I wish I cud give that award back. Tom if yur reading this plese take your gay award back.


whats ur account on battle.net tft

eddiebalin responds:


You give me all those zeros and have the timerity to ask me for my account on battlenet?

Just bease I',m a nice guy I'll give you my account.

Got a pen out? Cool.

It's: I-fuck-yur-mother-in-the-ass-then-make-yur-sister-suck-me.

Yeah, I know it's a long nme but, what the hey, you only live once rite?

Akshully, I wished you lived less than once.

PS yur gay


is that you eddie giving the virtual fishjob?? I hope so, because i couldn't get the image outta my head (or clean the mess on my bed) LOLOOOLOLLLO BTW post the positive gay song again by homosexual NSUPRA

eddiebalin responds:

Not "the positive gay song", it's called the "positive song about being gay".

About the mess on yur bed- try spray'n'wash.