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Reviews for "___FiShJob II:...___"


This was amusing for a moment or two, and then proceeded to beat a dead horse (fish?) for WAAAAY too long.

Sadly, the best part was that 'bubble trail' effect when you moved your mouse around the 'again?' button.

For constructive criticism; quit trying to put in finishing nails with a 10lbs sledgehammer.

A JOB well done (sorry for the cliched pun)

The photoshops were a nice touch, and the animations of Spongebob and The Little Mermaid had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Few artists in Newgrounds make me laugh as much as you do. Are you an FYAD poster? because many of them have that kind of (shock) humor. Keep making flashes.

eddiebalin responds:

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

I'm working with stevenherman on ghetto ghillign's island part II which will be out by like late june.

Thanks for all the gret revews!



This is one of your best flashes Eddie. The graphics were great. I wish people wouldn't give you such low scores just because you include sexual content. I also thought the song was good, as well as the audio quality. And I thought it was very funny, especially Dick N noodle soup. You are a creative person. I wish you luck with your future submissions. S'orite!

eddiebalin responds:


but I think reggiehater and adam fulton flashes are better.

Thanx agan!

yeah thats fun

your fish job is a goog job mr. balin


eddiebalin responds:

I like things that are fun.

They're fun.

(burns eyes)

oh god...please...it's like watching someone make a fruitcake(pun intended) and then having them ram it up a bull's asshole while watching tapeworms feed off of it!

eddiebalin responds:

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