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Reviews for "Super Smash Bro"

That was graet.

I liked that a lot! It's the first time I saw a Super Smash Brothers flash on New Grounds and it was pretty good. Keep it going.

great graphics, but no sound


Burning-Feet-Man responds:

i know

It's good.

It show's that it can get better if created by mind.

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

its all good slappy on the frizzi when u get to stop by caliFornia on the ghetto streets of walnut creek we going to zap ur ass down to china town


yes, you know it needs sound. but it was awesome. giant bowser. lol. link ftw =P gj

Happy 100th review for me!

wow im making a movie just like this useing pretty much the same sprites.

great action, needs sound!

happy 100th review! happy 100th review! happy 100th review! o crap did i talk about my secret 6th melee project!? uh-oh ah umm u didnt hear anything got it? ;)

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

100th review om ,y movie im onered!