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Reviews for "Super Smash Bro"


work harder on the sprites if u rip em... and work harder overall! you can do it if you put some time into it! :)

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

there was this white stuff on emm and i didnt like that but i said screw it for now so ill try and make them better looking for u


This vid wasnt good at all. the graphics were bad and blurry, there was no sound at all, and it just plain sucked.

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

fuck air moder fucker then suck it mother trucker bitch on the highest shlonge in da world riden it like a cowboy fucking a mule



Burning-Feet-Man responds:

www.spritekomixdaily.com i went to sprites then scrolled down and wow i found link but i did make link running myself it was hard

aahhhh ...hhhhhmmmm

well this is very good but if u had sound this would be better like .....i dont no at least music:)

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

music yes sound yes will be included in the final version of it

You suck monkey sacks

there isnt even a loaded it sucks.

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

booh hoo u make no movies yet you say it sucks ure the one who sucks monkey nuts my ex friend so fuck u :P