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Reviews for "Super Smash Bro"

great stuff

woulda been perfect if u added sound

Better than ROTMK

Guess I'm just tired of mario cartoons. I liked this! Sound worked fine for me. *Looks Down*

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

oky doky

Good for only a demo..

Atleast you're heading in the right direction..When you're finished making this,make sure you add sound?Thank you

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

yeppers i sher well putten sound u can na cunt on that yepp yepp.

Happy 100th review for me!

wow im making a movie just like this useing pretty much the same sprites.

great action, needs sound!

happy 100th review! happy 100th review! happy 100th review! o crap did i talk about my secret 6th melee project!? uh-oh ah umm u didnt hear anything got it? ;)

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

100th review om ,y movie im onered!


This could get good.

Though I hope that there could be more done with it graphically. Like for example the ability to smash someone into the screen, or into the background... that was a classic fun part about Smash bros. ;-)

Burning-Feet-Man responds:

thanks i was thinkin about that and said i was going to do it but i never did it but im making one that is alot longer and i try and include that ting thing