Reviews for "Bright night sky"

Hallo, this is I that am speaking to you.

"Oh yeah right, Waterflame cant be god at music AND art, right?"
I really like the style, colors used, blah blah blah...
Good jorb, all around. (Though the shading doooes get a little... weird, other than that, looks like you put a lot of work in, Mr. perfect. Next thing you know, your gonna be a huge FLASH artist too. I seen your work, your flash looks promising.)

niice work mate

i like this one a lot >:3 most of all the clouds in the background is awesome they greally gives you a great feeling that you are in the picture, and i would like to see more work from you when you really get into useing a tablet

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D thats great to hear ^-^ im really more of a music guy, but i like to draw from time to time. dossnt happen to often tho, sadly.. ill have to whip myself and get some tablet action going :D