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Reviews for "Lauran and the tank"

Utterly sweet.

Ok, I'ma make this short. This movie RULED. I loved it so much, I had to keep coming back and watching it. I hope this guy makes more movies soon!

lol pennies

I liked the Starcraft siege tank voices they were kewl.And wtf were those little.........round creatures that the tank kept running over? O well it was still funny



Very good for a first.

I'm judging this as if it were by an experienced person, not a first timer. The animation was fairly poor and could have used more work and effort; however nothing looked really BAD, just rushed and awkward. The film was short, and kind of limited only to the running over of the blobs. However, it was interesting to see. with some work you could be quite good.


drawings were simple but fine, but animation and facial expressioning were a bit lazy, plot was okay but a bit thin, and it seems like more stuff really should have happened here.