Reviews for "Global Warning"

a bullshit political view

but a hillarious picture

Lots of bullshit sprinkled with a little truth.

It's like covered a pile of shit in potpouri. It still stinks and looks even worse.

While it is true that an overly aggressive green campaign can be more detrimental than helpful, don't overdo it with some conspiracy codswallop. Mixing a tiny bit of truth with fanatical lunacy is simply the surest way to make the deadliest poison known to man: ignorance.

Saying a lot and having something to say are two very different things.

All that said, it is a well done work of art. Not as compelling or provocative the other I've already reviewed but it has its own charm. Just try to keep away from attempting to turn this site into a crackpot recruitment center. We have enough idiots in the world as it is. The last things that are needed are more blaming all the right people for all the wrong reasons.



Dude all of your art is amazing! I like this one the best however. THE PEOPLE (at least this people) WANT MORE


is that hitler?! :D