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Reviews for "Jesus Money Network JMSN"


The grahpics were bad, however it was funny. Hope in the sequel it is better. Ryan

The truth has been spoken

We all know that those damn televangelists are just looking to for you send in your hard-earned cash, and they say that they're going to help spread the word of Jesus. Instead, they're probably spending it on booze and hookers. Let's just leave it at this, most Christians are hypocrites, which is part of the reason why I converted to Atheism.

The truth has been spoken, so sayeth, the Synful Messiah.

Thank you, lord

I've been coming to this site for a long time and I just started reviewing today....so far I've reviewed about 7 animations....all of them got very bad scores...this was a nice refreshing break....The music was the funniest thing about it not to mention that retarded looking host, when I saw him at first, I thought he was supposed to be Jesus......also the description of the moon was funny "uhh gray, rocky". The lord has answered my prayers, kudos my brotha.