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Reviews for "The Lonely Hermit"


You are insanely artistic and talented. To anyone who didn't understand this, this is a piece that is different than any other. Everyone on NG is used to see movies and games. This is a storybook style flash version. Simply engaging and enchanting to the right reader, the one unto been therefore indended apon. Great work, simply great...

sick,twsited, lil story with a happy ending

yeah,u need help but u got talent...poetic and artistic.who cares if the guy has maggots growing out of his shoulder-he's happy and thats all that matters.not a lot of people realize how happiness can be different with every person.keep them comin.

That ... was diffrent

The drawings were very well defined and accuratly drawn. Just ...I dunno about all that but I think a more I dunno pleasant situated story would be cool.

Sick twisted humor at its best.

Possibly one of the more demented thigs I've seen, the drawings were hilarious and the dialogue was great too. Seek professional help dude, you definitely need it.

You are one sick demented motherfucker

This is probably the most disgusting thing I have seen in my entire life, and I worked in a meat packing plant. Bereft of any higher social value, even poetically. You should seek counseling. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! Keep em' coming, you diseased fucker.