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Reviews for "The Lonely Hermit"


the art work is pretty good... But that is truly the sickest, creepiest flash movie I have ever seen on this sight. Cheers!

nice artwork

you got talent! but flash allows you to use that talent to make animations and interactivity, not just slide shows. use the autotrace feature in flash to make vectors out of your drawings, then try animating them. before long you will be a flash monster!


Good stuff....... it would be cool to have seen that animated, but it still kicked ass...


Holy cow, this was twisted.. probably one of the most twisted ive seen.. ever...

But damn good... I like..


I loved the poem .i loved the Graphic user interface (yes i know what it means im only half stupid ya know).i loved the format
the art was way cool ..great style for story book type stuff....reminds me of the twisted stories mom read me like when pinochio dies drowned (unlike the disney version) or how in hansel and grettel mom explained in detail how
the witch ate the kids...mom you twisted woman you
any way it great two daggers up =0)