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Reviews for "MC Jimmy's SuperMarioLand"


you sir have just made my day! very retro. and agreed with commet below

MC-Jimmy responds:

Hahahaa, thanks guys!

Again Nice

Now that's what I'm talking about (see review for previous version)

MC-Jimmy responds:

My pleasure getting a comment from you! :)

very nice

well sory mate but i cant think of anything that would make this song better -.- my bad XD awsome song mate

MC-Jimmy responds:

Thank you! :)

uhm ugh

Uhh it was very good! So umm yeh you rock really xD
Seriously you rock maan! :)

MC-Jimmy responds:

:D Thanks for the good review!


now i fell like playing mario on mute with this song on... and pause when it has the pause muis sound x3