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Reviews for "MC Jimmy's SuperMarioLand"


this really does remind me of all my time sitting in my little area next to the lamp (cuz the GBC had no backlight) and i would play that game over and over.

truly epic my friend.

MC-Jimmy responds:

Epic is always awesome.


I'm awestruck like a bitch, gd mix =)

MC-Jimmy responds:



Memory lane, man...
Wow, this kinda makes me wanna dig out my old gameboy, scrape all the battery acid off of it, and play Super Mario Land...

Oh... My... GOD!

Sheer brilliance, my good fellow. I usually don't like remixes that much, but this one actually made me cry, it was that good. It's absolutely brilliant.

Needless to say, I've downloaded and faved this. xD

MC-Jimmy responds:

*thumbs up*


Omfg this was brillant!