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Reviews for "MC Jimmy's SuperMarioLand"


this really does remind me of all my time sitting in my little area next to the lamp (cuz the GBC had no backlight) and i would play that game over and over.

truly epic my friend.

MC-Jimmy responds:

Epic is always awesome.

Good Times

Listening to this track reminds me of the good 8bit days
really nice work... Loved your remix...
Not only downloaded but its also on my favorite songs!

MC-Jimmy responds:

Hey thanks for putting it in your favorites!


~8-Bit all the way~


This was so awesome, it brings a new meaning to TEH FECKING BEZT SAWNG EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1123!!!!!!@!!@!!

MC-Jimmy responds:

Awesome comment. Thanks =D

Again Nice

Now that's what I'm talking about (see review for previous version)

MC-Jimmy responds:

My pleasure getting a comment from you! :)


you sir have just made my day! very retro. and agreed with commet below

MC-Jimmy responds:

Hahahaa, thanks guys!