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Reviews for "MC Jimmy's SuperMarioLand"


Omfg this was brillant!

Oh... My... GOD!

Sheer brilliance, my good fellow. I usually don't like remixes that much, but this one actually made me cry, it was that good. It's absolutely brilliant.

Needless to say, I've downloaded and faved this. xD

MC-Jimmy responds:

*thumbs up*


Memory lane, man...
Wow, this kinda makes me wanna dig out my old gameboy, scrape all the battery acid off of it, and play Super Mario Land...


I'm awestruck like a bitch, gd mix =)

MC-Jimmy responds:


Very nice but...

.. The ending was a little wierd :o

But that won't make this lose my gratitude to this @W3s0m3 song.
If you dunt like the awesome its awesome :P

MC-Jimmy responds:

Yea, it is awesome. :)