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Reviews for "KEKEKE"

Damn this is catchy

This is the one of the best songs in the Vtech rampage soundtrack and is much better than the copyrighted music that was in the orginal file.

and needless to say much better than the fuck the riaa song.

Pigpen you got such great musical talent and it was a good thing you did because you saved your game from being taken off the internet entirely.

I like the beats and the overall the melody of this rap and just all a round sounds like old school rap but with a much more modern attitude.

Basically what gangsta rap could have been if it was done by more talented singers.

In short this song kicks ass.



Lol, this is also an internet meme, look up "TANK RUSH KEKEKE LOL." on Google. I could be assumed to involved the Vtech murders, but then again these guys sound like either some seriously congested black guy or a white/asain guy trying really hard >_< either way the beat is good, reminds me alot of Vtech really. I'm not sure if it is or if this artist is trying to portray that they are a gangsta murder.

fuck yeah

this song rocks


anyone realize it is about the Virginia tech murders?
or at least thats what im assuming because it was in the game.

but over all its a good song.


I can't wait for more!