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Reviews for "Grand Chase"

i really like, actually.

dude, the equalizing is poifect. the hats are in just the right spot, i think. and the kick's got a nice....kick. lol. NICE sidechaining with the pads. very creative. all though i suggest a panned synth lead?or panning somewhere lol. just suggestions. cant wait for the full vers. good work. 5'd.

Seriana responds:

Alright, thanks for the review!

Pretty nice tune

I like it, I really do. It does a nice job of imparting a chase. It also had a nice ambientish quality to it, even with a strong beat to it. I cant wait to hear the rest of this song. Good job so far!

Seriana responds:



Nice work man.....keep it up...be better if i were longer though

Seriana responds:

It will be

Short and Sweet

Though I'd like it better longer, this is perfect menu music for a flash menu.

It's very ambient and feelingful, nice job!

Sounds Good!

A nice and smooth track, ambient and simple. I love the constant background beat and the wavery rythem all the way through. It loops pretty well too, would probably fit nicely in different flash submissions. Keep up the good work!