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Reviews for "Grand Chase"

Enjoyable, but can be better

I've heard better loops than this one, but this doesn't mean that this is something bad. It has some points that can be improved, to make this song better.

The song has a good variety of instruments, but some of them can be used on more parts of the song. This loop can surely be used in a game, as some other reviewers here said. More in a menu, I think.

Something bad about this is that it doesn't loop very well. If you pay a little attention, you will hear that the loop sounds a bit rushed. Also, the song is repetitive, but, as you said, it's meant to be this way.

Nice loop. It's just a preview, so I expect the full song to be better. Fix the looping part, so it doesn't sound rushed. An enjoyable song, but it has room for some improvements.

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Doesn't loop too well...

This isn't the worst trance tune I've heard, but the main problem exists in the fact that it's only 33 seconds and that the looping sounds a little off.

What I'd reccomend that you try is getting the looping right and it would sound a whole lot better. It could be used in certain games on NG, where they require some sort of backing track to try and distract a little from the task at hand (Devious people, game designers)

[Review Request Club]

Seriana responds:

I can't upload .wavs to NG, it's impossible to get it to loop perfectly, but thanks.


I liked it. Seeing as how it was just a very short loop, I couldn't give it much more of a higher score than I did. I'm not really sure in what way, other than length, you can improve. You were aiming for that "dreamy" effect, and you certainly did achieve it. Another plus here is that this baby loops perfectly! Not nearly perfect, not almost perfect, but PERFECT! That has got to be hard to achieve, I've tried doing that once or twice and didn't come close to doing as good a job as you did. Nice work, I look forward to longer tracks!

|RRC| Review Request Club

Pretty Nice

It's a little short, but it does seem to loop very well which does make up for the shortness of the track, so that's good. It's very calm and quiet relaxed through all this and the constant beat is pretty nice, though maybe a little repetative after a while of listerning to it.

But there are no major problems with this, it all seems to fit together pretty well and as I said it does loop very well. It would be something that would make pretty decent menu music since it does loop well. That's pretty much all I can say, it's good, so well done.



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Yes, this is VERY repititive. But if it was meant to be that way, there's nothing I could say against that ^^.

The loop is quite short, but the beat sounds very nice. You said you wanted to give the track a "dreamy" feeling. Well, I think you've done a very good job with that.

I think this track has very great potential. You can just leave it as it is now and you have a good (but repititive) loop, or you can add much more to it, as it sounds as if it was an intro to a much longer song.
Somehow this track reminds me of songs like "King of my castle" and the theme of "Captain Future", so if you ever want to create tracks like this, you can use this submission as an intro to it ^^

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