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Reviews for "Grand Chase"

Sounds Good!

A nice and smooth track, ambient and simple. I love the constant background beat and the wavery rythem all the way through. It loops pretty well too, would probably fit nicely in different flash submissions. Keep up the good work!



It doesn't fit the title, seems like it would cause a migraine after a while, mainly due to that high pitched sound thing.

Should be 7-8s long. Otherwise awesome.

4.37 / 5.00 (+ 0.0083)

This is a beautiful loop. So hypnotic. It all kinda reminds me of a turning spiral - something that might play whilst a guy's trying to hypnotise me or whatever.

I've been listening to this tune for quite a while. Admittedly, I've gotten a bit tired of it after half an hour (!) but that's to be expected for what seems to be a 7.75s loop.

I'm seriously impressed here. You've really captured that 'dreamy' feel you wanted. The tinkly sound, the long, legato notes, the slowly shifting 'beats'... though I only really made out 4 distinct instruments, there is a lot going on in those 7.7s.

But - why didn't you upload this as a 7.75s loop? True, NG doesn't loop stuff perfectly. Listening to something like that here might not have the full effect. But a shorter loop would have the same effect for those of us who download it and would make it a far stronger tune for including in a game, whether for a menu or a short level.

To be honest, I have no other real criticisms. I'd have given it 8/9 if it were just the length of a single loop.

However, one suggestion for improvement might be to add some more tinkly noises and maybe soften the beat a tad (maybe so it's got more sustain or sounds underwater?).

Seriana responds:

I could have cut in half, but I doubled the patterns to try and make it loop more smoothly.

Nice, more ambientic then trance but still nice/

I liked the tune i can imagine this in an animation of someone in a fairyland or something. But if you want that too happen, you have to make it loop better. I liked it ver much so good job.



As "trance" loops go this one was quite slow really. I would've liked to have seen this a bit faster. I quite enjoyed the chimes and the keyboard lead. And a pretty solid lead. Ideal for menu music or credits for a movie/game

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