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Reviews for "Grand Chase"

nice beat..

it's smooth and repeats evenly. I really like this, relaxes me.i wonder what the full song will sound like. keep us posted?


its soothing and relaxing :) really love this

Definately has that dreamy feeling

To me, the song sounds like someone traversing their own dream while chasing after a mysterious person, trying to find out who he is and getting a grip on reality. This looks to be an epic piece of music.

Cool beat

This was a pretty good song. The beat was awesome, it was catchy and unique. That chiming in the background from time to time was a really good touch to the track. It wasn't very long. It was just one beat for forty seconds, despite how good the beat was, I thought you could have added a bit more music. Other then that a nice song, keep it up!

{Review Request Club}

Grand Chase as a title is a little off-puting.

Hmmm, stumbled across this little loop and I must say, I really quite liked it. Very, very chilled, which is a good thing. It's definitely more ambient to me than trance, but I feel it would be well suited in a video game soundtrack more than anything else (in it's current form). I don't have a problem with the repetitiveness seeing as it's a loop (in fact I've had it playing during the composing of this review and it hasn't gotten annoying or old in any way), but I suppose you could branch out and make a full blown song out of it. Could be cool. I would be inclined though, to be careful when adding more and more to a track and trying to create diversity. Sometimes, the original effect can be lost.

By the way, Liquidfire666 mentioned that he got a Bomberman64 feel out of this track and I have to agree, though I also don't know why exactly. Something to do with the vibe of it.

Keep up the good work anyhow.