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Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 2"

great work

the ending almost brings a tear to my eye >_<,, lol!


it made me laugh, cry, clap, and jump with gleen(cause the violence) and it was cool how u left it open for a part 3 with teh toad guy from smw2 nice touch. u did a good job with the animation it went smothly and did alot of things i have never seen on newgrounds. good job and keep it up!!!


Mand this is the best NG thing iv seen since... i don't know... anyways its good and is there realy a naked Samus. Well like the sound is incredibly good. musics great. one more thing MAKE A PART 3 SOON!!!!!!!!!

your the master

the best mario parody out ther loved the way bowser lookeed when he got eatn

overall: 5+me=you get a five


Man i have watched the movie at least 24 times, and I cant find samus, is she or is she not in it?