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Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 2"

Still a legendary flash on Newgrounds.
Randy-Solem was a pioneer in the making of sprit-movies. This site owes a lot to him and his work. One of the reasons I found Newgrounds was because of him.
In my opinion this movie is his masterpiece.

Of course the graphics were mostly copied from old videogames, however it never bothered me as much as in many other flash-movies. I always saw Randys movies as a tribute to the games of his childhood and not as a lazy way of getting more views because of the name-recognition.
The graphics were mostly fitting even though the blood and piss always seemed completly out of place. However in my opinion it still holds an oldschool charm to it.

You can also observe this in the sound used in this movie. While most tracks and effects were taken from Mario-games the epic music is a bit out of place sometimes.

I always loved the big fight between the Mushroom Kingdim and the Koopas. It was done so cleverly with Toads caring ?-Blocks or bombs to the battle, Yoshis eating their enemys or Koopas using a Prianha-Plant to shoot at the enemys. The whole scene is brilliant.

Overall I still love this movie. I had a lot of laughs because of Randy and I am very thankful for that.
Perfect Score

Rest In Peace

Bro i love these i watch them so many times you are amazing nothing less .......but maybe more! :D

Haha the World -1 trick! Nice reference. ;)

on youtube it is called mario is dead

that was...a bug? I mean, when Luigi get the pipe to Bowser's room.