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Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 2"

Randy !

I've been pulling for this shit to get on top of the All-Time list ive been voting low on anything above it. This I've been giving a five on everyday, I urge all Mushroom Kingdom Lovers to Vote 5 on this everyday and vote 0 on Madness , Return of Gannondorf, and especially Genryu, it's not good.
The Gatekeeper
Rating - There arent enough stars in the sky.


Just as amazing as your first one. this can go on and on, but it must end somewhere, I guess. I hope you make a third. I really love these. And i want to see if "you know who if you have watched this movie" gets a major smackdown. Love it. However not as emotional as the first. (but better)

I watch and rewatch this!

It looks like you spent a lot of time on this movie. The story is good, but the perfection of the graphics and presentation you have makes the difference between a 4 and a 5. Oh sure, people find errors in this, but I'm not THAT picky!! I love this movie, man! I can't wait to see part 3 if you are indeed making it.

the best mario spoof eva

what can you say except you did one hell of a job and all NES nerds bow down before you.

Absolutely Amazing

This is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It's an epic flash film if I ever saw one. Think Braveheart meets Super Mario Brothers (minus Mario). Easily one of the best entries I have ever seen on this site.