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Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 2"

I never watched Part 2 onwards. I can't wait to rewatch this beauty.

Rest in peace Randy. You deserve all the love.

:)))))))))))) LOVE IT.

This is probably one of the best, if not the best animation that you that you have created. The sprite work is incredible, and smooth as ice animation. There is action and very funny humor. Great use of Nintendo characters and references.

Awsome as always

Well you always seem to make some of the "BEST" sprite movies and you really make these jump the different "SCENES" are amazing and the effects are even better you really do bring on a brilliant story and make these films come so "ALIVE" no changes needed here as this film is already at its best potential, so props to you on a beautiful film.

no changes needed here as this film is already at its best potential


God, its been fucking forever since I've seen this. I must've been a kid last time I saw this.
For 2003 this was a pretty damn good piece of pixel animation. It really did make me feel something. Although I think I remember, somewhere, a parody of this. At least at the end, somewhere.