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Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 2"

happy at first but...

at first, it starts real happy. Mario is bouncing around going "YA HOO!!!" and stuff. But then he gets shot and it turns sad. Then Luigi is all like "boo hoo......" and then he gets all mad and he's like "THATS IT! IT'S TIME I KICKED THE S*** OUTA THAT KOOPA FOR GOOD". When he comes with an army of yoshi (yo-shy), toads and himself along with a couple hundred item bricks, bowser is all, "WTF DID I DO?" so he send out a buncha people to go fend off the army. Then he gets beat up by luigi real bad after a scene of mass carnage and gets eaten by baby yoshi (yo-shy) and then its all happy again while luigi is going to his bros. grave then wart comes in and starts trying to kill luigi. Afterwards, luigi wakes up and finds out it was all just a dream. of the future, that is, so he stops it from coming true by letting himself get killed in maro's place. thus making mario real pissed and then he goes all the way up to wart in an epic flight scene with epic music. Afterwards, he meets battle with mouser, beating him after dancing like a perv then does a "homo space walk" into wart's palace gate. Then it closes in on a black circle. The end.

on, I am proud...

I have NEVER been touched emotionally through an entire series.

You win Mario.

Can't believe I never reviewed the rest of these

I reviewed the first one, but I'm not sure about any others, so here goes.

Just like how Joe Zombie brought a whole new edge to stick movies, this brings a whole new edge to sprite movies. This is a good movie. It's got its suspensful moments, and it's got a pretty damn great story. The custom sprites you created are pretty damn good, and of course, your use of Titanic music is fitting. I like how you threw in elements and references to the classic games, such as that whole "Jump backwards into a pipe" thing.
Stylish, cool, and funny at a few times.


but i got sad when a yoshi died =(

Awesome sprite movie!

The naked Samus sprite in this movie is from Super Metroid, isn't it?

I haven't played that game in so long...