Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"

Wery creative, great graphics, nice sound...you did a great job, I hope you make some more in the future....(now if I only could do such good graphics....I can dream cant i...just kiddin, Hope to see your next animation)


A very fast past, energetic thrill ride. This is probably one of your best animations to date, really nice graphics, great choices for music, and just an overall nice movie.



for some reason it reminds me of the new sonic cartoon the way the first episode started.

Very creative great show.

Great your show is but what is the stroy behind it all? But still great though.

yah ive reviewed an nother one of yours

ok ill be the last one to say this is great!
great action!
great grafix!
but i still dont see a story line!
anyways...go link!