Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"

My favorite movie on NG

Thus is just too awesome...

I can't wait for episode 2! ^_^


to reply at the question of the poster below.

to make flash. you first need ... FLASH lol. the program. you can download it via macromedia site i guess for a 30 days trial. or buy it.

It was a GREAT flash

This great flash WAS great and i like those "shoot me you cant hit me" when he whas just running for hes enemys (i tried that in RTCW and it worked) graphics was great so MAKE EPISODE 2 READY! i want to now the storyline and how do you make flash movies is a questiom i have i mean what program does it need and is it free?

Good, Sweetness

That was a good flash only leving me with two question 1. wuz that link on the boat and 2. why the hell wuz link in the beginning and nowhere else??? but other than that it was a pretty damn good flash

LenZ responds:

The reason why Link was at the beginning was that he's a special guest.


that was awsome. keep em coming. i liked the pinball sound in the middle of the movie. i give it a 10!