Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"

Sonic X

First episode of Sonic X is the audio..heh heh...nice.

Oh yeah!

This is developing to be my kind of series! If there's one thing I love about this series that a few other people may not like is the fact that everythings just quick and spontanious. There's like one sentence of talking in the whole flash and the rest is just crazy ass action son! Missles going off, beams getting charged, it's crazy!


ok im sry but thats just not my kind of madness!

Wow that kicked ass.

That was very quick paced and i love your drawing style.

The movie was good as your newest egocity movie. I'll look more into to this series.

I only seen two episodes so far and there pretty good.

Keep up the good work and you did a great job compressing your movie. it loaded it quickly and was highly entertaining.

Nice Job!

I love your style of animation! it's authentic, original, and the character designs are just plain cute! The plot is good, and the sound was okay. Though it came out slightly scratchy, it was a good mix all of the same. Good special effects too. A thrilling, and fast paced beginning to the Ego City Revelations saga. I hope to see more of your great works in future! A solid work of art!