Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"


That was awesome. *O* you got my 10....how? you put so much Sonic material in there its not funy *fanfanfan* FEAR THIS FLASH >OOO (you got a 5 :3)

Damn Good

DUDE....AWESOME...o.k. really damn good.
I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series.
Looks like it took a lot of work.

its cool

Pretty cool fast paste movie, keep it up bro!


Its really good even though its a rip off of sonic x the first episode.


Wow you are an EXPERT in animation and camera angles. No doubt you'd make it into the TOP 20 Newgrounds flashes ONLY if the scenes aren't so disjointed. At times it felt like one of those dreams where random scenes flashed by.

However, you get a 5 from me. The animation was too good.