Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"


i like how you used the beggining of sonic x

i like the serease but nt so good an ending

good its all good ending not so good but ya nice

Hmm... Is the sound clip off Sonic X?

'Cause it sounds a lot like it is.

Pretty kewl, but as the last person said, not as good as EG Chapters.

Oh yeah, the 4 for humour'ss for the credit's "music"

It's old.

To the others, this is considered quite inferior to the part two of chapter five Ego City. The style is the base of what's more to come. Expect Lenz to produce more unforgettable animations. Maybe someone can contact him to make a few games about Ego City. But anyway, this animation is......ok.

As always, your stuff is awesome...

This was great! You never cease to amaze me! I think your art style is cool too!...... This was the first episode of the Sonic X anime, exept with Ego City characters... Still cool though!