Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"

Nice anime' style

Overall an excellent flick. However, there was no plot or character depth which kept it from makin a perfect score, but the action makes up 4 it. In the next one maybe u can explain what the hell is goin on ;)

Good, but could be better

This was a pretty good movie overall, but it could have been more polished. As it was, it was sort of hard to tell what was going on. Still, there were some very good shots and the action was cool for the most part. Though I must say the main character guy (the one that was running around and snowboarding or whatever he was doing) was annoying as hell, with his little grunts and chuckles and such. But other than that, good job my friend.


Dude this animation was amazing. How do u animate it so well? Please tell me so I can make movies this good.


Interesting style, you've got my attention. Must...see...more...

Very good.

I really liked your animations and the smooth action scenes. The sound did get kind of repetitous though.

Please make a sequal. I'd love to see the story.