Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation"


sonic-like and fun with cool views. cool.


lol why the hell was link in there?

Great work!

Thats a very good movie for how small the file is. I didn't find it too short, just so long as the episodes keep coming. (force them down our throat if need be.)


nice flash work kinda short thou

Er.....Storming Dr. Eggman's Laboratory??

Sorta interesting. Now, since I've seen the first episode of the anime Sonic X, I certainly realized most of the sound was directly ripped from the first episode and you just put new animation into it....so I marked you down for that because really it would have been more interesting if you had been more original in the sound department. The animation was pretty nice though, but since you were probably constricted a bit by using ripped sound, it was also very similar to what had been shown in the first Sonic X episode.....(But did you really have to make him run like Sonic with his arms held out to the side??)

Pretty cool...although if you're going to continue to rip audio directly from Sonic X..I think it would be weird to hear the English Sonic (Or the Japanese one!?) but see that guy there saying the stuff....