Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"

man shit got style!

Whooaaaa not my style of music but it was still cool as hell! music quality peeeeeeerfeeeeeeect!


‚»‚¤ƒrƒfƒI‚ð—â‹p‚µ‚È‚³‚¢! It's probably the best I've seen in a long time. I've always loved the ?i?K?Í?K?j face, and it seems almost like a dedication! Keep up the awesome work!!


MY GOD MAN! THIS IS THE NUTS!!!! THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A MOVIE U MADE! i am soooooo glad now that u have now got the credit for this immense peice of work. i was woundering what kind of movie this would be. I heard the start of the music and it was very catchy ^_^. Then when the beat kicked in and all the animation picked up in speed it made me feel really hyperactive. O.o i dunno y but it rocks so i like it ^_^. the animation jus stunned me. I was really REALLY impressed!!! i'd love to know what kinda things u used to create this movie. if ANYONE, and i mean anyone disses this fantastic movie i will come round personally and kick ur arse! anyway this is gonna b on my favs list and its getting a 5. nice work man.


Nicely done... Nicely done... Nicely Done... I love it I love it I love it... EVERYTHING! BEAUTIFUL! KEEP IT UP!


P.S - I'm going to watch it again, my eyes can't get enough, this will be my 24th time.

watch this while high!

u japanese are crazy! very smooth animation.