Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"


that was so good ,the FPS must be like 100 or somit ,thats the best animation ive ever seen


I love this music video! Who ever the real author is, my thanks go out to them. Check this one out and, by all means, share with your friends.

1000 posts!!!

I was surprised this wasn't on NG already. I've seen this flash around 3 months ago. It's about a forum thread reaching 1000 posts, thus closing the thread (during the movie note the emphasis on the number 1000). The whole deal with the cats revolves around ASCII art. The Japanese do lots of ASCII art and are quite proficient at it, and a common character is that cat that you see in the movie. ( º A º ) See? Although the "A" is supposed to be upside down, i doubt NG can support J-shift. Overall I think this is a GREAT flash with its fast pace and bumping rave beats.


That... is one of the fastest paced flash movies I've ever seen... beating even the Animutations! Plus, everything about the film is high quality! Even though there is no story or anything, I agree with Flawless_Viktor as to how this would work amazingly well as a DDR level. Keep them coming! I'd like to see more stuff like this!

Man, you guyz could retire on this . . .

I am thoroughly confident that I have not seen a muzikal flash NEARLY az good as this IN MY LIFE. Honestly, thiz should be submitted as a hard stage for the next Dance Dance Revolution. The song wuz intense and insanely paced, but your amasing visualz (incl. graphix, frame rate, and overall style) seemed to complement the audio flawlessly. To make something this fast iz worth noticing. To make something this fast and good iz commendable. But to do what you did, so seamlessly and spectacularly, well, itz just plain PHENOMANAL!!!!!

BOTTOM LINE: Buckle ya seatbeltz . . .

-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz