Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"


i liked it this is good but its not super or great its jsut plaine good


Awesome animation. This is one of the best Flash videos I've seen in a long while. I'm looking forward to more stuff from you.

Incredible job. d(^.^)b


That was hands down, without a doubt the coolest Flash Music Video I have ever seen and probably will ever see! I was a little concerned at the beginning that I might have a seizure or two from all the flashing light patterns, but I made it just fine! Damn...that was COOL! I'm gonna watch it again!

One more thing before I do: The hand drawn dudes playing the bongo type drums near the end is the coolest visual in the whole thing! THAT ROCKED!!!

OH yeah!!

This is like a flash movie on acid!!


This is one of the smoothest flash movies ever. Everything flows to the crazy music, and it just makes me feel good. Excelent work!