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Reviews for "Laid To Rest (Cover)"


man, thisdeserve a 10+++ but theres no vocals!

and the Lamb Of God's siger's Growl is pretty easy to imitate...

Nicholls responds:

TwilightNecrosis destroyed the vocals for this track dude, search for the laid to rest in audio portal....... He kicked its ass.... plus you must listen to his stuff, cuz it fucking rules!!!

Cheers Dude


Almost perfect!
The intro was a little off timing to my ears
& around 0:33 the guitar I think is supposed to be louder than that compared to the drums
But still magnificent!
You should definatly make more covers like this :D


fucking metal dude!

I didn't reviewed this song ??!!!

This is pure awesomeness man. I love the odd time signatures especially at the begining and at 2:20. This is totally my style of music. I'm impressed. The drums were good, though, it could be more awesome with EZD or addictive drums.


I know I have the original of this downloaded but

who did the original I download so much metal these days I cant keep track

anyway this could have been much more original I feel you just took the song and rerecorded that shit I wish you would have put some more originality into this that's my only complaint.

Nicholls responds:

Yhe Whole Point In a Cover is to make it your own style, this is the way i wanted it, but thanks for the review