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Reviews for "Laid To Rest (Cover)"


OMG! YOU NAILED THIS AND PUSHED IT TO ITS AWSOMENESS! VOX WOULD JUST FUCKING PWN! IF I COULD GIVE LIKE 1,000,000 I WOULD! ...but NG only allows up to 10 =(... 10/10 5/5 !!!!!!!


Weird conincidence, I just finished learning the lead guitar for the original song...


Wow. This is the Awesomest Music on Newgrouds! Tell Everybody About it!

Aw shit!

Two things;

1. Where did you record this? Unless it was a studio you got any tips? Because me and my band are sort of determined to make music for free, but it's slightly sounding shitty because of the quality as we're nto recording in studios, more like rooms and basements. Luckyly so far I've only uploaded the not-so.good songs so if you got any tips for when we do the better ones I'd appriciate it!

I checked the song with the vocals, it wasn't bad, really it was cool, but I wasn't impressed, because I DO NOT think Randy's signature vocals are easy to do, say if I ever get round to it, mind if I try to lay my own over this? And I mean my own, why do Randy when he can't be outdone ;) Promsie ot credit!

Other than that thanks for this, we need more good free music!


three words: I LOVE IT!
kinda reminds me of Arch Enemy...
but itÄs unique in another way...it's just sick...want to give it an 11 xD

Nicholls responds:


11 would be kewl lol

Cheers bro!