Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


This is almost my favorite song on Newgrounds. I like the tech-ish sound in the background, even though this is a rather depressing. Kepp up the good work!


My hat is off to you! The music compliments the lyrics nicely. It's not my taste in music, but you got my top vote! (PH34R +H3 4R+5<H001 |<I|>)

Melon Cholyish

Sounds like an Assassin story.
Can't say it's the best song I've heard for eh plot, but I can't make a better one XD.
You're pretty damn good at singing, most especially, if that IS you.


fricken tight. no duh that you got skills. love the song. beats tight, words are tight, the whole damn thing is tight! good job u cant improve it at its best!

good song

bloody nice