Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


You are the best! All your songs... If ever I wanted to use one of your songs for a movie, is that alright?


Wow, listening to this it seems more like a Vampire story. Vampires killed parents and such. Along with the myth that only virgins can be turned. -shrugs-
I dunno.
Keep up the Good work!

very nice

this is good
and i must say you have a beautiful voice (if you have song this)
wel anyway i am giving you a:

ps do you nowe somthing to make a ohter file to a mp3?
becouse i cant submit my music becouse it is not a mp3...

well done

I like the drums on this. War drums, with a sorrowful female voice background in the background. I like the contrast.

I think this needs a bit more. Maybe like a cello or something to establish the harmony instead of a piano, i think it would flow better. Other than that, its awesome, and as always you impress and inspire.

OH MY...

I never usually like female singers or piano type music but this is beautiful. You have a very beautiful voice which matches your appearance... The music is amazing. The lyrics are awesome like as awesome as Metal Gear Awesome... It is a very sorrow song...

You are my favorite Australian ever since the Croc Hunter....