Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

kicks ass

briliant need to get this


this song is superb. The lyrics are good, the quality is good, and the music is cool, and you can sing. one of the best songs ive heard.

[5] + dowload

keep it up!

The Sadness That Gives Rage

I see what you see in this audio. I see how she is sad about what was done. She fights, through her pain, no tears, no screams, nothing from inside except hate. A twisted tale of vengeance and rage. To kill one is to be killed by those who know or knew. She remembers, she knows, she has planned... she will kill and cry knowing that even though her hate is controlled her parents are not there. By killing the invaders she makes herself a hero, but she doesn't feel like a hero and never wanted such an honor. Death rings many bells and the truth will show all who she really is...

A rose with thorns...

Please do not take this the wrong way if I'm mistaken, but it sounds like that you put some of yourself in this song. If I am guessing correctly it sounds like you are a rose. Although you are beautiful, but if someone tries to hurt you or hurts someone you care or love then you will use your sadness and cause enraged anger and you could possibly kill someone. Then again I could be wrong.

Beautiful audio... it has a dark feel to it, which I like... the dark and twisted ways you weave yourself through your angel voice it shows that even the most kind person has a dark side to them as well.

I can only hope, pray, and wish that you live a prosperous life and share your gift with the rest of the world. From one writer to another I say superb work on your audio.


Epic indeed

can't wait for more^^

Ilove it

This is an awsome song and I love it!!!