Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


ur music is addictive >_<


all i have to say is hold**** this is great, and is it true what lotix43 said? did you really sing this?

0.0 nice!

this is a good song and plus keep making songs, u got a good taste of music if u sang this


This shit was playin at the audio portal, and it sounded tight, love the beat, all in all dis's tight

A new sound?

To put it simply, this song (like many of your other songs) is genius!

The new sound is really good on the ears, as doing the same style over and over again can, however good it is, can get really repetitive.

Also this new style is really good, and I certainly recommend doing more like this.

The only problem I have is sometimes the lyrics sometimes slightly don't scan but that's probably just my perfectionist attitude towards rhythm and rhyme.

Overally, this is a 5/5 and 10/10! I don't give them out often (and I know...my votes suck atm) so be proud! :D