Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"


She has some INSANE range but doesn't lose any of her voice quality! All of her songs are absolutely amazing!


I love your music!!!! This is another great song keep making more please!!!

Yay hugs!

As with all of your songs, this one is just... beautiful. Hugs to you, too! Also cookies and kittens!

Would you mind...

If I sang this and gave credit to you for the original song? it is beautiful, I am a solo vocalist/artist and I've found your song very inspiring. Would you mind if I remixed this with my own voice? Please mail me and let me know! I'd be honored to work with you if I could.

Classic story!

This was really cool to listen to, because it had a really good story for it. How odd that it was for a title submission that you did not even make. The story this sets up is so good it just had to have one, didn't it? The coolest thing was how you consisently keep a creepy tone in your voice all the way through the song. It's simply a great story of the revenge that comes from a little girl. It can be compared to the cartoons made by crookedsixspence.

You emphasis your voice but at the same time you did not seem hammy. You just try to keep a tone that makes sense with the song. It's great to listen to the little beats that go on as you sing. While you have a great singing voice, it shows you went the extra mile by having good use of instruments like that. Thanks for including the lyrics in the author's comments.