Reviews for "~The Girl From Memory Planet~"

Your other songs are more upbeat

Your other songs are more upbeat even when it's a sad or weird song about losing your family or sucide. This one is a lot slower then those. I think something that would make this song a lot better is if you have a gradual acceleration leading to a climax.


after a while not listening to ur songs (temporarely change of taste) i listened to this and ITS AWESOME. And the funny thing is this kind of of singing style is my specialety XD


Cool story. It actually sounds like a good plot for a movie... this is so the song for the opening credits. Now, if only I were a hotshot director. LOL. Really cool sound. I like the beat in the first verse. Catchy, if you will. Glad to see you're still making the good stuff.

nice change

its amazing how you can change your voice and what not to fit the part i really loved it!!!

Good againn :]

I like how your songs sound different

Even your voice :]

Like different types of music genres you would be able to sing.

Idk x]

But, keep it coming :D