Reviews for "The Gay Brothers"

It's called

"Brotherly love" for a reason, Psymecoleesis. Sheesh, get a grip.

Really man?

C'mon. This is just gross. Is nothing sacred anymore? They're brothers for crying out loud.


I give you points for the drawing. However, I am scarred beyond any imagining.


Thank you, Sir Milburn, for brightening my day.

I would also like to point out how childish and closeminded some people on this site are proving to be. Making absurd and offensive comments on an art submission simply because one can't handle his own homophobia can really illustrate the extent of one's immaturity.

It's okay

Usually I would give 5/10 for such a drawing. In my opinion it's below average; also in reference to most of your other drawings. It's pretty obvious that you didn't put in a lot of effort e.g. overlapping lines, wrong "M" signet on the cap, a title that is neither original nor a clear reference ("super" is missing).

I'll give a 10, because I want to even out those who voted 0 a bit...
1) because it's unfair and childish to vote 0 on a piece of art, just because you dislike the message it transports
2) because I have a disgust for people that show nothing but disrespect towards homosexuality.