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Reviews for "The Tryst"

ok but one thing

when you advise angie you have to do the lawyer guy so pretty much you have to advise the girl first


i've been to the zap site and you have to pay for membership to see half of this series, and only the ones that are free got onto ng

it is 5 dollars for a months membership which is useless because i'm not american (and proud of it )


The title says it all, doesn't it?

BTW You idiots whining about "Oh, it costs $5.00 to see the end, wah wah wah, boo hoo hoo..." just go to Zap Dramatic and click the second part you idiots! It's free!!!!!!!!

I hope you learned something

Dont just go by what it says

look for yourself! Thats what I did. Okay, so other bits, most of it, means you have to join, but at least they're good! I cant join and so i enjoy what I have. It's free if you go on Zap Dramatic and click "The Tryst - Part 2". Believe me.

I don't lie.

Summer15 - The Future Of Negotiation

Although I liked it.........

.....the fact that you spent all that time playing it only to be told that you have to pay $5.00 to see the end of it kinda pissed me off......thus the overall 0.

Kinda Kewl, but...

I liked it! I do think, though, it's rediculous to make people pay $5.00 to be a member. For the people who love the negotiation games, it's not fair because it is kinda like a bribe. I think you should make it free to join. I love the negotiation games but I'm not gonna pay $5.00 to see how they end!