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Reviews for "The Tryst"

fuck on saten head thats hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goddamnit thats hard i tried both of them numreous times and i still can't get my brian hurts and whats with the dude climing the walls while he's runnig but all in all good job


What an ending.


Damn this is hard...i can't figure out how to do it! the graphics need some major work, i mean, the prisoner practicly ran up the wall! try to make it more..realistic next time.
But this is definitely a tricky..Nice work

no not at all

not your best actually...your worst it was so unrealistic he jumped of the wall 5 times even though he was shot at like 20 times whilst in handcuffs

Its ok

Its ok But i liked the second one better but its still a good submission.